This month’s Top 10 Swedish Headlines

Thanks to The Local for keeping illiterates like me up to date on all the latest breaking news here in Sweden. Here is a round-up of the Top 10 pressing issues occupying the main headlines in recent weeks:

10. Giant Pinocchio arrives in Sweden

To the delight of many and dismay of others, Pinocchio, the long-nosed wooden puppet loved by children the world over has arrived in the western Swedish town of Borås.

09. Cop in trouble for smooching prosecutor on ski trip

A five-second kiss planted on the mouth a female prosecutor by a male police officer has resulted in the man being indicted on charges of sexual molestation.

08. Man masturbates in front of female church minister

A 44-year-old man in western Sweden has been taken in hand by the local judiciary for masturbating in front of a female church minister.

07. Near miss for man passed out on train tracks

A drunken 21-year-old man who had dozed off on the train tracks in Lund in southern Sweden is lucky to alive

06. Sweden’s welfare state ‘alive and kicking’

A wave of liberal reforms has swept across Sweden since the centre-right government came to power in 2006, notably with the sale last week of the state’s crown jewel Absolut vodka, but the welfare state is still alive and kicking, analysts insist.

05. Prison time for Swedish Nazi leader

The Court of Appeals in Malmö has sentenced Simon Lindberg, leader of the National Socialist Front (NSF) in the southern Swedish county of Skåne to prison for criminal damages, acting as an accessory to abuse, and as an accessory to unlawful threats.

04. Politician under fire for Nazi salute

A member of the governing board of the Liberal Party’s youth organization (LUF) has been reported to police for greeting two Social Democrats with a Nazi salute.

03. Lenin returns to Stockholm

More than ninety years have passed since Vladimir Lenin stopped off in Stockholm to buy an overcoat shortly before returning to Russia to start a revolution. David Bartal met up with him for a chat.

02. ‘It’s as if we immigrants stink of rotten fish’

When deciding where in the world to study and work, Nabeel Shehzad, an engineer from Pakistan, thought Sweden seemed like the perfect place. But that was before he began to encounter discrimination on a regular basis.

01. Matilda, 4, bitten by beaver

A four-year-old girl has been attacked and bitten by a beaver near Östersund in northern Sweden.


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