Top 10 Swedish Headlines for June

Thanks to The Local for keeping illiterates like me up to date on all the latest breaking news here in Sweden. Here is a round-up of the Top 10 pressing issues occupying the main headlines in recent weeks as reported in the Local.

10. Swedish teen girls have more sex with one another
More teenage girls than boys have had sex with someone of the same gender, according to a new dissertation from the Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg.

09. Princess admits to kissing a frog
Princess Victoria amused onlookers in Bohuslän in western Sweden on Friday by admitting to having kissed a frog to see if it would turn into a prince.

08. Man charged over bus masturbation
A 21-year-old man has been indicted on charges of sexual molestation after masturbating in front of a group of teenage girls on a Malmö city bus last month.

07. Prominent local politician held in revenge murder plot
A prominent local Social Democratic politician was arrested on suspicions of plotting an attempted murder and interference in a judicial matter.

06. Path clear for world’s biggest elk
Politicians in northern Sweden have finally given the all-clear for the construction on the top of a mountain of the world’s largest elk.

05. Forgotten on the toilet for 10 hours
An elderly woman was left on the toilet for 10 hours on Saturday after her carers forgot about her.

04. Dating Swedish men: bring your own beers
American Isabel March realizes the only way to coax a Swede out of his shell is with the assistance of a beer-cum-security-blanket. But strong-and-silent-except-when-drunk doesn’t really do it for her.

03. Public urination leads to unrelenting stream of fines
More and more Swedes are getting fined for urinating in public.

02. Drunken disorder plagues Midsummer
Midsummer celebrations were typified by drunken revelry, fighting, assault, drink driving, an alleged rape and three shootings. Calmer than usual, police report.

01. Men seek help for female sex abuse
More and more Swedish men are seeking professional help to assist them in coming to terms with the sexual abuse they have experienced at the hands of women.


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