Mean green machines – sexy gas misers

Increasing gas prices and concern over the environment have me taking fuel economy more seriously these days. And with that new-found sobriety come some pretty boring vehicles like the 29 city/36 highway Toyota Yaris or the Prius Hybrid at 48/45. I’d rather drive a yak. But just because I’ll never get that Hummer I’ve always dreamed of, doesn’t mean all is lost. That’s thanks to vehicles like the Uno and Spyder.

Uno Cycle (Photo Courtesy of Motorcycle Mojo)

The “UnoCycle” is an electric vehicle that is part Segway, part street bike. It was invented by 18-year-old, boy-genius Ben Gulak (He’s now 19 and attending MIT). These photos are real and not retouched.

Uno Cycle (Photo Courtesy of Chicago Tribune)
Uno Cycle (Photo Courtesy of Chicago Tribune)
Uno Cycle
Uno Cycle (Photo Courtesy of Motorcycle Mojo)

From the side it looks like it has one wheel but there are actually two wheels packed side by side. There is just one control – a start button. After that you just lean forward and off she goes. Top speed is a bit poky at 25 mph, but Ben feels with a little more work he can get it up to 40 mph. Ben’s website is still under construction, but I heard he plans to bring Uno to the market. Can’t wait to see what he invents after hanging out at MIT for four years.

Can Am Spyder

Can Am Spyder (Photo Courtesy of BRP)

Then there is the Can-Am Spyder. I saw one of these drive past me in the States this summer. I thought it was a custom job, but found out is was from Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP). The same folks who make my favorite outboard engine – Evinrude. They also make Skidoo which accounts for the strong resemblance to a snowmobile.

The perfect ride for motorists like me who are green but still too yellow to drive a Harley. Some call it a “reverse trike”, BRP calls it a “roadster”. Like the Uno it looks like something you might find in Batman’s garage. Unlike the Uno, it goes 110 mph. And at 30 mpg I’d take it over a Yaris any day.

Can-Am Roadster
Can-Am Roadster (Photo Courtesy of

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