Bigfoot Scam Artists Tom Biscardi Finds Sasquatch (again)

Fool me once …. I’m as eager as anyone for someone to produce evidence of Big foot or Aliens or Swedish humor. But all this hype about a cryptic photo of a brown mat and a Chewbaka mask is a bit premature. After all it is produced by Tom Biscardi, the same clown who has been involved in previous bigfoot scams. Even the bigfoot believer blogs say the guy is a joke.

Here are a few quoted and links about Tom and his associates Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer .

Steve Niles' Bigfoot

“Biscardi, founder of something called the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization, once claimed he had captured a Bigfoot. On Aug. 19, 2005, Biscardi appeared on the radio show “Coast to Coast with George Noory.” Biscardi claimed his group had captured a Bigfoot a week earlier, a male beast that weighed over 400 pounds and stood 8-feet tall. He said he would be presenting photos of it several days later. It turned out to be a hoax. … Biscardi promoted a pay-per-view cable TV show in which he offered viewers the chance to see a Bigfoot captured on live television for only $59.95. That never happened” Live Science ….

“The Bigfoot Georgia hoax started back on July 23 when Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer tried to convince local Atlanta television and newspaper reporters that they had a dead Sasquatch, but every reporter and TV station pronounced their claims a hoax. … Previously, Whitton and Dyer had posted videos on YouTube (since removed) that purported to show an interview with a Doctor of Pathology who verified that the Bigfoot was real.Then it turned out that the “doctor” was really Dyer’s brother.” All the latest news

Steve Niles' Bigfoot

Steve Niles' Bigfoot

Journalists, beware! Tom Biscardi is NOT one of the “leading bigfoot researchers”, but rather a well-known scam artist on the American bigfoot scene. … Biscardi, a former Las Vegas promoter, seeks media attention, relentlessly, to futher his scams. He should receive no attention at all. In the 1980’s Biscardi was involved in the marketing of a collection of fake bigfoot footage made by in the infamous hoaxer Ivan Marx (see John Green’s “The Apes Among Us”). Then in 2005 he orchestrated the infamous “Coast-to-Coast AM” radio show scam, regarding a supposed “captured bigfoot” in California….Biscardi made minor newspaper headlines again recently when he claimed to have a preserved “baby bigfoot hand” in a jar. … An experienced hunting guide recently examined the specimen in Wisconsin and said it is the paw of a bear, or possibly a mountain lion. Biscardi said that some people had paid as much as $1000 for a look at this “bigfoot hand”. BFRO

“The Slick Commercialism of Tom Biscardi: The Carny Bigfoot Act Carries On” Frame 352

Steve Niles Bigfoot Art

Steve Niles' Bigfoot

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Steve Niles gallery of excellent Bigfoot comic art


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