Dyer & Whitton Exposed: Unemployed bone-head cops captivate US press by claiming they found Bigfoot but still can’t prove it.

Fool me twice …. Wow, when you are considered a loser among bigfoot hunters, you have pretty much sunk to the bottom of the barrel (no offense intended to real bigfoot hunters). As predicted the “press conference” in Palo Alto produced no evidence from the two men who claim to have found and frozen a bigfoot body. How stunning.

Officers Dyer & Whitton embrace at Palo Alto press conference

Officers Dyer & Whitton embrace at Palo Alto press conference

“Whitton and Dyer have offered three different accounts of how they found the beast’s remains. In early videos, the animal was shot by a former felon, and the men followed it into the woods. In a second version, they found a “family of Bigfoot” in the north Georgia mountains. In the third, the two were hiking and stumbled upon the corpse with open wounds.

In one of their YouTube videos, they are shown speaking with a man they identify as a scientist. Earlier this week, they admitted that the man was Dyer’s brother.” Malia Wollan, Associated Press

In the mean time I found the videos these two jokers published on YouTube in July. Matthew Whitton is a Clayton County Georgia police officer on medical leave and Rick Dyer is a tow truck driver, who once worked as a correctional officer. They made these vidios so you would visit their site and make them rich. If you don’t, the two will have to sober up and return to work. That would suck (for them).

The videos where criticized locally (by people who know they were lying) and no station in Georgia would run their story. When this stunt didn’t work they called in Tom Biscardi to get their Google Juice flowing. The Las Vegas promoter escalated things with his usual bogus spin and arranged the press conference. So far everything is working to their plan. Their bigfoot web site, which I won’t link you to, gets more traffic in 10 minutes then I get in 10 years (OK, I admit, I’m a little jealous). Biscardi gets his name in the paper and tries to use his fleeting celebrity status make film and book deals.

In these videos you will see just how serious these guys are … about ripping you off. It is scary to think they carry a badge and a gun. God help Georgia.

P.S. Biscardi claimed on national TV that Whitton “took one for the team” as he was shot by a felon he was pursuing – like Jack Bauer or Dirty Harry. I read he shot himself in the hand — like Barney Fife or Otis. You decide. BTW the guy with the gymp wrist is Whitton (a.k.a Dumb). Dr. Paul Van Buren is not an expert, or a doctor, or a Van-anything. It’s Dyer’s (a.k.a. Dummer) brother.

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2 Responses to “Dyer & Whitton Exposed: Unemployed bone-head cops captivate US press by claiming they found Bigfoot but still can’t prove it.”

  1. 1 Gardner August 19, 2008 at 4:01 am

    Biscardi shot himself in the hand.
    I love it.

  2. 2 coffee January 10, 2009 at 5:21 am

    when i heard about the most recent Bigfoot sighting it really got my hopes up…

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