Beauty and the beast: Sarah Palin joins McCain ticket

I have nothing against McCain as a senator. I have noting against Palin as a governor. But as a presidential ticket, I have issues with them both. McCain because he has too much time in Washington and Palin because she has too little.

Given 8 years of Bush I would have a hard time voting for McCain under any circumstance. But at least he would have earned my passing interest if he had put someone like Mitt Romney on the ticket. Choosing Palin sure earns McCain points for originality. I heard that before he chose her he knew about as much about her as you or I did (assuming you are not from the glorious state of Alaska).

“Presidential scholars say she appears to be the least experienced, least credentialed person to join a major-party ticket in the modern era.”

She is pretty. She is also pretty unqualified. But it seems such a transparent ploy to win over (not earn) the female vote that I can’t see any woman taking this seriously. Palin is due to appear on the cover of Vogue soon. Perhaps a centerfold spread in Playboy wouldn’t hurt either.

To learn a little more about McCain’s choice, check out these fine articles:

Scholars question Palin credentials

McCain taps Alaska governor for VP (pun intended?)


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