Is Michael Connell’s death Washington’s best kept secret?

I was in the United lounge at Washington Dulles Airport earlier this week. CNN was on. They were covering the day-old story of the Continental plan that slid off the runway in Denver the night before. I was amazed at how they were able to take 3 minutes worth of facts about the accident and spin it into 2 hours of non-stop sensationalized speculation that looked and sounded like news but had not journalistic substance.

Watching the cast of CNN posture and pose like journalists, I couldn’t help but think of another plane that crashed that weekend: Michael Connell’s plane. It was the crash that killed the key witness in one of the most disturbing oval office scandals in US history. I searched CNN’s site for any trace of the man and found nothing. I have since searched ABC, CBS, MSNBC and BBC. There was a very brief mention of the crash in ABC and MSNBC but no mention of Mr. Connell other than ABC identifying him as the CEO of a company that created Bush’s web site.

I find this odd given the fact that Michael Connell was a key witness in an ongoing investigation against the current administration. And that the issues being investigated include rigging a US election.

The circumstances and timing of Mr. Connell’s death certainly warrant a bright light being shone on this by the media. While conventional news icons may have failed us, the internet provides us with other outlets for news. YouTube, for instance, has over a dozen videos on the subject. Here is one of them: local coverage from Channel 19 in Cleveland, Ohio. I will be curious to see when, if ever, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC or BBC give this story the scrutiny it deserves.


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