The death of Michael Connell: Where to find more info

News of Mr. Connell’s passing seems to be comming out in dribs and drabs. As “Mediabloodhound” Brad Jacobson was quoted in Brad BlogConnell was allegedly a linchpin in the biggest maze of White House scandal this country’s ever seen, yet the national news media is a no-show.

Ken Love/Akron Beacon Journal

Michael Connell (Photo: Ken Love/Akron Beacon Journal)

Searching YouTube will provide dozens of videos on the topic. There are also hundreds of blog posts written on Connell’s death. Brad Blog has been following the topic closely including an interview with Cliff Arnebeck who is the lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the King-Lincoln Bronzville v. OH Sec. of State lawsuit alleging vote fraud that favored Republicans.

Here are some stories written on the death of Michael Connell in more mainstream media. If you have other related stories please post them in comments.

US National:

US Local:




4 Responses to “The death of Michael Connell: Where to find more info”

  1. 1 nonrhotic December 27, 2008 at 8:00 pm

    Interesting post on Michael Connell’s crash by an aviation buff.

  2. 2 nonrhotic December 27, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    Couple more links:

    A story in Huffington Post about Michael Connell’s work for Bush from October by former ABC producer, Rebecca Abrahams:

    A piece on the crash by Scott Horton for Harper’s Magazine:

    Democracy Now’s interview with Mark Crispin Miller about Mr. Connell:

  3. 3 nonrhotic December 29, 2008 at 11:18 pm

    “There hasn’t been any serious reporting on this story from any source that doesn’t have a clear liberal bias, as far as I can determine. The New York Times seems to have not covered this story at all, despite the fact that “Michael Connell” is the 34th most searched for term on the site in the past week (behind “it’s a wonderful life” and ahead of David Pogue). That’s a bit weird all by itself.” – Dan Tynan, ComputerWorld

    Here is that post and a few others. Not much new info or coverage.

    Computerworld – Was “Karl Rove’s IT guru” murdered?

    OpEd News – The Meaning of the Mike Connell Story: Under the Bus

    Source Watch – Michael Connell

    Blogger News Network – Mayday Over Ohio: Another Rove Enemy Goes Down in Flames

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