The Natalie Dylan Story: Post-rationalizations of a feminist prostitute

OK, you stand on a street corner at night in a mini skirt and push-up bra and bargain for the highest bidder. You are a hooker. Maybe you have a hard luck story, maybe you don’t. But you are a hooker. Do the same thing in the light of day on the internet and you are are raised to the status of Jeff Bezos or other enterprising entrepreneurs. That is how much of the media hype surrounding prostitute Natalie Dylan is being spun. Well, I don’t buy it. She’s still a hooker. With an Internet connection and a lame rationalization for her actions.

Plain-Jane prostitute goes under alias "Natalie Dylan"

Plain-Jane prostitute goes under alias "Natalie Dylan"

This is the story of a young woman who put an ad on the Internet saying she would have sex with the highest bidder at a legal brothel in Nevada. Working through Nevada pimp Dennis Hof, she and his brothel got a lot of publicity out of the stunt. (I purposely do not mention the name of the brothel because I believe that is the purpose of this stunt).

While she admits having an active sex life, she claims it does not include vaginal penetration so her hymen is still intact. That qualifies her as a virgin. Her sister works at the same Nevada whore house. Presumably the sister’s hymen has been compromised.

Natalie isn’t the fist to pull this stunt. Several woman have done it. The only difference is that the bidding has never reached the dizzying heights that this auction allegedly has. She claims the bids are as high as $3.8 million. I find that hard to believe.

Recently Natalie felt a need to explain to us that she did it as an academic experiment in the name of feminism. Becoming a public figure made her the target of much admiration and some scorn. Sensing some of her new found public’s outrage at her “experiment” she justified her prostitution thusly: For centuries men have taken advantage of women so “I decided to flip the equation, and turn my virginity into something that allows me to gain power and opportunity from men.”

Compare to the picture above. You may notice that Natalie, who can't afford books for school, did find sufficient funds to have her breasts enlarged since the action started.

Compare to the picture above. You may notice that feminist Natalie, who can't afford books for school, did find sufficient funds to have her breasts enlarged since the auction started.

Well touché, Natalie, you have shown us men a thing or two. Way to get even. You are a poster child for the feminist movement and a role model for young girls everywhere.

Here’s another story: Dennis Hof is clever pimp trying to drum up some publicity for his whore house. He needs some sensational stunt that the press will pick up and run with for him. PR, after all, is the second oldest profession. Natalie’s sister works at the brothel. Dennis asks the sister if Natalie would prostitute herself for a quarter million bucks. No problem says Natalie. Hof makes sure the bidding is artificially inflated to fan the media storm. He receives several million in free publicity, pays Natalie her quarter million.

But now the publicity has worked better than Dennis thought. Young Natalie stands to make a lot more. She runs out gets a boob job, some handlers and a lame-ass back story. You watch: From greedy, short-sighted bimbo to Mother Teresa, her publicist will no doubt advise her to give the money she claims to have earned from the fake auction to charity to help her image. Later she will claim that this was her plan all along. And no one will question that any more than they have questioned her story thus far. Her real hope is that by giving away some of the money she made she will earn much more through the book deal, Playboy spread, speaking engagements and made-for-TV movie deal.

So its a happy ending. Everyone gets what they want. Oh, except maybe society. Is it harmful to feed the public’s appetite for new stunts that will lowering the bar even further for what pass as acceptable behavior?

Auctioning virginity is nothing new. Its just than most societies had the good sense to stop endorsing it long ago.

Auctioning virginity is nothing new. Its just than most societies had the good sense to stop endorsing it long ago.

Natalie finds her behavior acceptable. The fact that she has reached the enlightened perspective that “I no longer view the selling of sex as wrong or immoral — my time at college showed me that I had too blindly accepted such arbitrary norms” is a tribute to her, her parents and her education. BTW she claims she is pulling the stunt to pay for her master’s degree. I think a more newsworthy story is “Cost of free education at Sacramento State is so high desperate students must turn to prostitution.”

Reviews in the blogesphere are mixed. From “Natalie, I say MORE POWER TO YOU. It’s your body, your decision. You are a smart and enterprising young woman.” to my favorite “The poster Child for a Souless Generation. For a Souless Nation.

Honestly, have we all become so desperate to prove how open minded we are that we will accept any human indignity, any assault on our morality so long as it is justified up with a few insincere buzz words. I have no problem with a woman deciding she wants to prostitute herself. I do have a problem with boundless greed being whitewashed as feminism and with a national media that presents a clever publicity stunt for a whore house as news. It cheapens both (feminism and news that is).

Here is Natalie Dylan and her sister rationalizing the whole story in her own words.


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