Swedish News: “Niggers”, Nazis and Naked Cops

picture-27Swedish cops have been stealing the headlines (pun intended) over the past couple of weeks. The recent exploits of the Swedish police along with other stalwarts of Swedish society are cataloged below. Thanks to Sweden’s English-language newspaper, The Local, for providing the news. Thanks to you for reading it. Be the first to comment.

Photo: asiansweetheart.blogspot.com

Photo: asiansweetheart.blogspot.com

Forgetful cop fined over public toilet gun gaffe — A police inspector in south east Sweden has been docked five days’ wages for leaving her gun at a public toilet.

Man in mental hospital filmed by cops for birthday gag – Two police officers from Malmö filmed a man high on drugs at a psychiatric clinic with a mobile phone while he delivered a birthday greeting to a colleague of theirs. And remember Swedish cops solve six percent of Sweden’s crimes

Probe to follow naked Swedish police party — The presence of a male stripper and pictures of naked police officers brandishing their service weapons have prompted an investigation of a party thrown for members of the Gothenburg police force.

“Nigger” and other racist stereotypes used in police training — “Negro Niggersson” and “Oskar Negro”. Two names used by Skåne police in their internal training. A participating officer reported the incident to senior officers but no inquiry was launched.

Swedes approved secret Nazi loan: report — New documents have emerged indicating that Swedish finance minister, Ernst Wigforss, approved secret Swedish bank credits to Nazi Germany in 1941.

Swedish supermarket stop selling ‘sexy’ child bra — Swedish supermarket chain Ica has announced that it is to stop selling bras for 7-year-olds in its Ica Maxi stores in response to customer protests.

Swedish town debates ban on ‘racist’ clothing — A youth recreation centre in Bromölla in southern Sweden has decided to ban anyone wearing clothing that could be considered racist from entering the facility. “You can’t have any sort of symbol, no boots, suspenders, or bomber jackets,” said recreation activity leaders Jenny Ahlgren-Bleckert to Sveriges Radio (SR).

Woman’s stomach removed after flawed diagnosis — A hospital in Sweden has been criticized for a faulty cancer diagnosis which resulted in a 54-year-old woman having her stomach removed for no reason.

Swedish woman receives own death certificate in the post — A woman suffering from cancer has received some shocking news from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency – a letter informing her that she had been declared dead

Swedish schoolboy threatened by Irish gravel thieves – One Irish road paver has been arrested while another is wanted by police in southern Sweden after the pair ordered a schoolboy to fill their truck with stolen gravel.

Norwegian group joins case against Sweden’s wiretapping law — A lawyers’ organization from Norway has submitted a petition supporting a case pending in the European Court of Human Rights which challenges Sweden’s controversial wiretapping law. The group contends that the measure, which gives Sweden’s National Defence Radio Establishment (Försvarets radioanstalt – FRA) expanded powers to monitor cross-border communications traffic, violates Article 8 and Article 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Article 8 of the convention guarantees citizens’ right to privacy, while Article 13 deals with citizens’ ability to hold national authorities to account for possible human rights violations.

Swedish intelligence official quits over wiretapping law — A high-ranking Moderate Party politician and former defence minister has resigned from his post as head of Sweden’s intelligence oversight agency in protest against the country’s controversial wiretapping law.


4 Responses to “Swedish News: “Niggers”, Nazis and Naked Cops”

  1. 1 the green bastard February 18, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    What’s this supposed to prove? Every western country has headlines like those every day. Why the focus on Sweden as if they are unusual in this respect?

    • 2 nonrhotic February 19, 2009 at 12:57 am

      Hi GB, Thanks for the comment. These posts aren’t really meant to prove anything. The focus on Sweden is because I’m an expat living in Stockholm. I post them because, for whatever reason, I find them amusing, disturbing or just absurd. Many of the stories are emailed to me by other expat friends who also live here and read The Local. When I have a dozen or so I post them. Topics I try to include are the wiretap law/privacy, gender profiling/equality, the rest is pretty much whatever the cat drags in. My favorite story this week is “Swedish schoolboy threatened by Irish gravel thieves.” And true, that could happen anywhere – but who would bother to put it in the newspaper:)

  2. 3 Noone November 14, 2009 at 7:35 pm

    Regarding the “niggerson” there is a heavy difference between the Swedish word neger and nigger. And therefore you can’t translate neger into nigger.

    Thats just not making sense.
    Over and out.

    You fail.

  3. 4 nonrhotic November 15, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    Thanks for the comment nonone. I can only assume you are a loyal Swede or a very poor linguist.

    If you are a Swedish-speaker then you know, as well as I, that the terms “Neger Niggersson” and “Oskar Neger” are racist in any context. Contemporary usage in Sweden simply does not allow them to be interpreted in any other fashion. Therefore, you may also see the problem of them being written into the training manual of a police force that is already under heavy criticism for racial insensitivity.

    If you are not a Swedish-speaker, I’ll try to clarify. For the record, the offensive name in question was “Negar Niggerson” not just “Neger”.

    Second, the difference between “neger” and “nigger” is not so heavy as you suggest. Norstedts is Sweden’s most authoritative translation dictionary. Its unabridged edition translates “neger” as follows: “black, Negro, blackie, darkey, nigger” It also lists “nigger” as a Swedish word that translates into English as “nigger, darkie, blackie” There are no other definitions provided. Further, Google Translate says “negar” means “negro, coon” in English.

    Those are all racially loaded words and the person who wrote them into the Police training manual knew exactly what they meant. Of course, you would be right to point out the fact that I’m not a native Swedish speaker. But it wasn’t me who first took offense. I read it in the Swedish press. Their editorial teams felt it was crystal clear that these words were racist. Further, the first complaints came from several Swedish police officers themselves.

    So while I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to reply, and am always open to setting the facts the straight: I hope you can see that these are not innocent words whose meanings are open to an innocent interpretation. If you are a Swedish-speaker, then I hope you will reflect on your reasons for claiming otherwise.

    If you do not believe me try this: Next Saturday night walk into a less affluent neighborhood in Sweden with a large immigrant population and call a few non-caucasian people “neger”. I think they will give you some fairly direct feedback with regard to racial sensativity.

    For more on the subject check this clip from a Swedish film:

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