Europe and its Muslims: A Gap of Trust

The following is a reply to a post made by Hollywood filmmaker, author of “Mother of the Believers” Kamran Pasha in the Huffington Post Titled: Europe and its Muslims: A gap of Trust.

Kamran, I admire your optimism. But your analogy to the ancient people of Abyssinia is absurd. And the fact that today Ethiopia has a 61% Christian majority is cold comfort to Europeans who are facing a Muslim majority in their own country within their lifetimes.

As a US expat living in Sweden I think advising Europeans to determine if their fears are based on prejudice or facts is a bit late. They are afraid and the facts support their apprehension. Chief among these is the fact is that unlike Abyssinia Sweden will have a Muslim majority in 2049. As the Gallup pole reveals most European Muslims have a greater affinity to their religious beliefs than to their adopted country. The religious beliefs of Islam are diametrically opposed to Sweden”s liberal world view, particularly as it regards gender equality, free speech, sexuality, and tolerance. Will a Muslim majority in Sweden separate church from state and leave the Swedish culture intact? Many here doubt that, and are prudent to do so.

So I feel tales of ancient Abyssinia have little relevance here. But I have a suggestion: Instead of using your last book as an example to calm the waters, write a new one. Show the Europeans what Europe as an Islamic nation would be like. Because that is the reality they are trying to deal with. I”ve already started such a project and would be happy to collaborate. I’m on WordPress named Nonrhotic ( ).
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