iDle musings with an iPod

Too much time on my hands today. I was trying to find something random to listen to on my iPod. I only have about 10% of my CDs in my iPod and nothing new so I tend to hear the same old mixes over and over. Today I wanted something different but couldn’t be bothered to load in any new music. So I searched for songs that begin with the word “she”. A dozen tunes came up.

She songs worship women

SHE songs worship women

She’s the One – Robbie Williams

She’s My Herione – Skunk Anasie

She’s Got Her Ticket – Tracy Chapman

She’s Gone – The English Beat

She’s Come Undone – The Guess Who

She’s A Lady – Tom Jones

She’s a Carioca – Antonio Carlos Jobim

She Will Never Learn – Deew

She Nuh Ready Yet – Spragga Benz

She Drives Me Crazy – Fine Young Cannibals

She Believes in Me – Aaron Lordson

She – The Monkees

Most of them are sung in blind amorous worship of a woman. A couple are about women in crisis. I liked all of them – just what I was looking for. Mission accomplished. So I did the same thing for “he”. Eight songs came up.

He songs worship the Lord

HE songs worship the Lord

He Will Carry Me – Mark Schultz

He Went to Paris (new recording) – Jimmy Buffett

He Went to Paris – Jimmy Buffett

He Walks with Me – The Statler Brothers

He Touched Me – Tennessee Ernie Ford

He Carves the Roast Beast – James Horner

He Ain’t Done Me Nothin But Good – The Isaacs

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother – – The Hollies

Not the same outcome. In fact if it weren’t for Jimmy Buffet I’d have called it a complete wash-out. Half the songs are Christian music. That’s because in Christian music nomenclature it seems the English masculine indefinite pronoun is
synonymous with God. Interesting concept. I didn’t even know I had any Christian music. While the lyrics are rather predictable, I have to admit “He Ain’t Done Me Nothin But Good” is rather catchy in a down-home kinda way.

So what does all this mean? Absolutely nothing. Like I said I have too much time on my hands today. But I can definitely recommend the “She” play list.

BTW – Not understanding the lyrics hasn’t stopped me from signing She Nuh Ready Yet for the past 8 years. Today I finally looked up the lyrics and thought I’d share.

These lyrics may not help much, actually

These lyrics may not help much, actually

She Nuh Ready Yet

Written by: C. Grant, H. Brown

Sung by: Spragga Benz

Well number 1
Yuh nuh have time fi waste
So nuh care bout how a
gal a push up inna yuh face

Hey Hey hey hey hey hey
From ah from ah gal ah gal ah come ah come ah

Hype up pon yuh an she nuh ready yet
Tell a gal hop off a yuh because yuh delicate
Yuh a nuh di type mek nobadi duh whey Shelly get
Reach fi di sky yaah yuh single but yuh celibate

Dat mean no man naah guh tek yuh fi no ten-o-let
An yuh a nuh passenger plane a gal a Value-jet
Whey she come a try bout she a guh nullify yuh rep
Popular than ever caah yuh have whey nobadi nuh get
Bout inna yuh face she a guh out out a cigarette
Yea yea whatever caah yuh nuh frighten fi silly threat
Higher inna life yuh a profile a duh yuh best
How dem fi pull yuh dung when a yuh a Jah Jah bless


Well good looks dat a di lest
Caah yuh batty an yuh breast
An nuh dat yuh a guh use fi mek yuh rich
No yuh naah guh profit offa sex
No dat a nuh yuh flex
Nobadi naah guh tek yuh fi nuh bitch
Criss like Crissy D weh inna Main Street a Moet yuh a sip
An yuh know a gal history so yuh have har ticket
Only time yuh memba dem a when yuh inna toilet
All yuh duh press di button an she sink like the sh..


Well is a comedy to yuh fi listen when a gal a talk
Everbody see di light suh hoh a gal still so dark
It obvious to yuh say dem a live inna di past
Bout if a man a beat har dat mean him love har off
Whey day mi see one a dem buss up har head
Ah love har up wid piece a iron pipe she nearly dead
Yuh nuh have no time fi dat caah yuh fragile like egg
Next month yuh a guh pon yuh scholarship a Winnipeg


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