Blog Action Day: The History of Global Warming

It all started in Sweden exactly 101 years before the Kyoto Protocol was signed. Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish physicist, first postulated the theory of the greenhouse effect in 1896. By the turn of the century (1900) it had achieved widespread acceptance among scientists. The theory was then forgotten for the next 70 years until Kenny Rogers rediscovered the absorption capacity of carbon dioxide and wrote a songe about it.

This got some scientists thinking. Thirty years later in 1990 the UN’s climate panel (IPCC) reported that there was a real risk that human activities – especially the consumption of coal, oil and gas – could affect the earth’s environment to a hitherto unseen and potentially very serious extent. “The earth’s future is in danger” was the message.

This got politicians thinking. Two years later in June 1992 heads of state and representatives from 172 governments met in Rio de Janeiro to talk about the problem. They have been talking ever since.

a.k.a. Global Warming for Dummies

a.k.a. Global Warming for Dummies

The public got behind the theory in 2004 when Roland Emmerich abandoned scientific reasoning all together and depicted New York City being engulfed by the sea in a preposterous meteorologic maelstrom. It worked. People finally understood what Svante Arrhenius was getting at. Soon after, every corporation on Earth began to invest in massive greenwashing campaigns to save their stock from the ravishes of climate change. So far, that hasn’t helped much.

113 years after they discovered CO2 emissions would annihilate all human life, our politicians continue to jaw about global warming and to pump 7 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year (over 13,000 tons a minute). They will meet again in Copenhagen this December at an event called COP15, to talk some more.

Which brings us to Blog Action Day 2009 and the prophets, Zager and Evans. If something significant does not come out of COP15, if our politicians continue to add to oral CO2 emissions with 113 more years of pointless debate then our ancestors will surely find themselvs on a planet we would not recognize were it not for the insights provided by the 2525 prophesy.

Hope is not a plan. Seal the deal this December.


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