You’re welcome Matt. When’s the keg party?

Matt, congrats! Vermonster lives. But in these giddy times lets keep our perspective. I can’t speak for the other bloggers who rushed to your defense, but for me this was was about David & Goliath, not necessarily Rock Art, Hansen or even the legendary Vermonster itself (I’ve never even tasted it)


It's Alive, muha ha ha ha, it's, it's ALIVE!!!!

This was was about my pent up frustration with corporate bullies and our vulnerability to them. It was about self-centered dickwads in thousand dollar suits trying to run my life. It was about what’s right about America. It was about small business, baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet. And it was about beer. But one thing is clear, it sure as hell wasn’t about trademark law.

I, for one, don’t actually give a rat’s ass bout the finer points of trademark legislation. So I will not be joining your movement for trademark reform. I hope you can respect that. But I do like your idea about forging a community. Here’s my idea on how you should do that: Make good this summer with a kick-ass keg party for all those who helped save your beer and lets all celebrate our victory over the man. Hell, I’d fly 3,000 miles for that. And, who knows, maybe after a few Vermonsters in the crisp mountain air you could twist my arm into marching on DC with a band of renegade patent attorneys. In the meantime, brew in peace.

Now I turn things over to the man, brewmeister Nadeau. Check out the full story HERE.


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