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Sorry Charlie: Winning isn’t everything

I am convinced that Charlie Sheen is the greatest actor of our generation. Not because of the gritty realism of his character in Platoon or his comic timing in Two and a Half Men so much as his ability to conceal how absolutely bat-shit-crazy he is when the cameras are rolling.

The Sheen stream after he was fired.

I used to be a Charlie Sheen fan. I actually met him once at a 7-11 by Hermosa Beach with his brother Emilio. I think it was 1990. He seemed OK then. It was a warm Saturday night and we were all partying. Evidently he never stopped. Nowadays he just strikes me as a typical Hollywood douchebag: self-absorbed, spoiled rotten, addicted to excess, unrelatable because he is so out of touch with anything I recognize as reality, and oh so self-destructive.

I see millions of people praising his Sheenius, egging him on, and redefining as “entertaining idiosyncrasies” behavior that would land anyone outside of Hollywood in a psycho ward.  I wish I could join them. I like zaney, I like off-the-wall and deep down I like Charlie Sheen. I  would enjoy the whole Sheen spectacle were it not for a scene that keeps repeating in my mind: I keep fast-forwarding to the piece on CNN in a year or two, long after we’ve all moved on, where they show his body being wheeled out of his mansion and slid into the medical examiners van with somber comments about what a tragedy this is (just like other people whose idiosyncrasies entertained us like Kurt Cobain, John Belushi, and Michael Jackson).

But I digress. I may not be a Charlie Sheen fan right now. But I am a fan of clips that have been auto-tuned. Just wanted to make a quick post to pass this one on and ask what your favorite songified video clip is.


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