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How Sweden is winning the war against gender

U.S. Gender and Marriage expert David Popenoe has described Sweden as “the world’s most androgynous society“. David has never lived here. Had he lived here he may have used a different word. Androgyny is defined as “Being neither distinguishably masculine nor feminine, as in dress, appearance, or behavior.” I think Swedish men past that point  somewhere in the 1960’s.

Sweden is one of the world’s most socially-engineered societies. Its been a hobby that Sweden’s elected officials have dabbled in since the 1940’s. These engineering feats are meant to produce impressive statistics. This is all very appealing to the rational mind. But history has taught us that behind the impressive numbers,  social engineering often has unforeseen human consequences. In the case of gender equality in Sweden that unforeseen consequence is the effective emasculation of the Swedish male psyche.

Stockholm Nightlife (Source: http://www.thelocal.se)

From the perspective of a middle class American raised in New England, Swedish men seem feminine. It was Swedish women who first brought it to my attention, usually in social situations after a few drinks. I suppose it was a way of flirting.  It was always the same: Winging about Swedish men and what emasculated pussies they are. I would reply “I can’t believe you are telling me this. It was your archaic brand of 60-style feminism that has effectively neutered the male of your species. And now you are telling me you pine for real men from southern Europe?” It doesn’t make sense. But if you live in Sweden long enough you understand that unexamined acceptance of logical contradictions is as Swedish as surströmming (and about as palatable to foreigners).

It’s hard to miss the general absence of masculinity here. I met a British woman in London recently. She told me how she and her girlfriend, also from London, visited Stockholm for three days.  It was their first time in Sweden. I asked her how she enjoyed it.  “Not very much” she said.  “We went to Cafe Opera because everyone said it was the place to go, but I wish someone had mentioned that it was a gay bar.” After that, they went to two other bars in Sture Plan, central Stockholm, but the same deal. She said “I didn’t know Stockholm had such a pervasive gay scene.” I laughed. None of the bars she mentioned were gay bars. I’m sure few of the men there were gay, they were just Swedish.  A recent article on the topic in the New York Times commented on this point  “In this new world of the sexes, some women complain that Swedish men are too politically correct even to flirt in a bar.”

Absolut Wooss — The shape of things to come (Source:http://www.absolutads.com)

Swedish blogger Anders Janson observes that “Finns think that the comparatively talkative and urbane Swedish men are homosexuals.” I would not go so far as to call them homosexuals, but they certainly lean towards the metrosexual side of things. And its not just because they are so extraordinarily studied in their appearance. The general demeanor of Sweden men exudes a lack of backbone, even when they try to assert themselves. It’s as if its been beaten out of them and they are resigned to their subservient position in society now.

This perception is reinforced for me daily on my walk to work. Each morning I struggle to negotiate my way through the maze of pram-pushing papas who dominate the sidewalk. They stroll leisurely along, often two abreast gossiping on their way to a cafe or pedicure, obstructing the way for the women and me who need get to work.  Today 85 percent of Swedish fathers take government-paid parental leave. They are entitled to take up to 13 months off if their wife agrees.

Swedish men acknowledge the demise of their manhood. In a recent study in Sweden, “51 percent of respondents said Swedish men were more masculine in previous times, with men in particular (58 percent) agreeing with the statement. Only 13 percent of men and women felt today’s men were more masculine than their predecessors.”  This decline in masculinity bothers no Swede, in fact it is widely hailed as progress. Having talked with many Swedish men about this,  I get the sense that they have been so marinated in Swedish-style feminism since birth that they accept without question that masculinity itself is fundamentally wrong, a defect. There is an unspoken guilt associated with their masculinity and that keeps men from addressing it.  Like masturbation for Catholics, it comes with the territory of being human, but I’m not going to  march through the streets of Boston declaring my right to self-love.

The new Swedish male archetype? (Source: http://thebeautybrains.com)

The Swedish media are onboard with the agenda. In deference to women males are uniformly depicted as impotent  fools in all Swedish advertisements. If there is anyone demonstrating a glimmer of intelligence, it will be the woman. If there is an apron to be warn, it will never appear draped across a women’s breast. Same goes for any other domestic cleaning or cooking aids. This has worked. In real life I’ve never known a Swedish woman who knew how to use a cooking or cleaning utensil. I’ve lived with three so far. Love them dearly, but they have been the most domestically-challenged roommates I’ve ever had (and that’s going back to my frat brothers when I was 18).

The Times article summed up the state of affairs like this  “In this land of Viking lore, men are at the heart of the gender-equality debate. The ponytailed center-right finance minister calls himself a feminist, ads for cleaning products rarely feature women as homemakers, and preschools vet books for gender stereotypes in animal characters. For nearly four decades, governments of all political hues have legislated to give women equal rights at work — and men equal rights at home.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is also the more absurd fall-out from Sweden’s gender engineering. Just a sampling of the headlines induced by this social experiment:

  • The political debate to allow women to ride topless on the subway because men were allowed to do so (by the same logic women are already topless in city parks, municipal swimming pools and, of course, on beaches).
  • The elementary school system in one Swedish city mandating that for one week all male children had to wear dresses to school to help break down stereotypes (female student’s, however, were not obliged to reciprocate by wearing mens clothes).
  • Organizers of the Miss Sweden contest forced to cancel the event due to “feminist harassment”.  When the Miss Sweden pageant returned the next year the rules were changed to allow men to compete, remove the swimsuit portion and to declare that physical appearance had nothing to do with the judging. Yah, right.
  • Sweden’s government paving the way for the development of road signs at pedestrian crossings that portray women rather than just men.
  • A feminist group at Stockholm University is campaigning to ban all urinals from campus, and one Swedish elementary school has already removed them based on the “logic” that a man standing up to urinate is deemed to be triumphing in his masculinity, and by extension, degrading women.
  • Last year after the Pirate Bay file-sharing trial, Annika Qarlsson, a female member of Sweden’s parliament, wove a meandering web of “logic” that went something like this:  Since most of the people sharing files are boys, and they support the right to share files, then they are protecting their privacy, and most Swedish woman who are raped are raped by people they barely know, if the woman barely knows the rapist then the rapist is protecting their privacy, therefore Pirate Bay supporters are rapists.  ““I realize that my earlier post can be interpreted to mean that I’m accusing all Pirate Party supporters and all young men of being rapists.” she later said.
  • Tiina Rosenberg, a professor of gender studies at Stockholm University, and the brain trust behind Sweden’s politically influential feminist movement who boldly asserted that “women who sleep with men are traitors to their gender.”
  • The case of Ragnar Bengtsson, the 28-year-old Stockholm father who wants to breastfeed his children.  He spent three months last year pumping his breasts in public to try to stimulate lactation. It didn’t work.  He says he did it because he wanted to be closer to his children.  He is a student at Stockholm University. Maybe he was trying to get some extra credit from Tiina Rosenberg. (see YouTube commentary below).
  • Sweden’s Trade Ethical Council against Sexism in Advertising (ERK) which deems practically any depiction of a woman as sexist and protects the Swedish population by having it banned.
  • And then, of course, there has been the recent outrage over the fact that Sweden’s princess Victoria had her father walk her down the isle at her wedding which was heavily criticized as sexist here in Sweden and widely touted as an outrage against all women.

And that’s just what makes the papers.  I experience the effects of all this gender bending every day in both my professional and private life.  It’s as if masculinity is an itch and Swedes love to scratch it. So they constantly seek it out and then claw it to pieces.  To me Sweden’s zeal in this endeavor is not so much about equal rights for men and woman. That’s not the focus. I suspect there is another silent, perhaps subconscious agenda. It may be misplaced anger and frustration, false entitlement, or part of a larger political agenda.

motivational poster, feminism

Direct observation has taught me that Sweden is every bit as sexist as any other developed country. I see the same disrespect, the same bullying and the same political and workplace abuse, and the same  submission to power.  Its just that here the tables have been turned and its the women wearing the pants. This is modestly disguised under a thin veneer of girl power (as if that is supposed to justify it). I just wonder how long it will be before erections are outlawed.

There is one question Swedes may want to ask themselves as they progress with their gender cleansing campaign: Is masculinity just some vestigial remnant from the Neanderthal mind that should be scrubbed from the gene pool or is it an essential part of what makes us human?  I think both Swedish men and women should ponder the consequences of the utopia they are engineering before it is too late.

Personally, I think true discrimination should be engineered out of society ( I preface it with “true” because the word discrimination is widely misapplied today).  But the Swede’s won’t solve sexual discrimination by neutralizing gender.  No more than we would solve racial discrimination by neutralizing skin color.


39 Responses to “Welcome to Pussytown”

  1. 1 Jay Hammers July 20, 2010 at 3:11 am

    Good article, thank you.

  2. 3 Qermit July 20, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    Nicely narrated and nicely portrayed 😉

    I translated your article into Ukrainian:

    • 4 nonrhotic July 20, 2010 at 7:41 pm

      Qermit, I’ve never been translated into Ukrainian before – thanks for that!

      • 5 Qermit July 20, 2010 at 10:47 pm

        You can tell from the number of comments in my journal that people loved your post a lot 😉 That was hilarious and very true. The Ukrainian version has been already referred to in couple of feminist communities. So your word’s being spread all over the world 😉 Good luck and keep posting!

  3. 6 nonrhotic July 20, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    I noticed a lively debate over this post on Reddit (http://bit.ly/9Qs6Av). Thanks to all who took the time to comment. I wanted to pass on an amusing Sunday Times link that brunt2 provided http://bit.ly/08AZRQH

  4. 7 nonrhotic July 23, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    This was in the news today. “Big claims, little evidence: Sweden’s law against buying sex” (From http://www.thelocal.se)

    I like the idea of getting creative to solve a problem. I don’t like the fact that (a) people are afraid to speak frankly about it and (b)evidence and rational thought is replaced by ideology – and in both cases everyone seems OK with it.

    “A new review of Sweden’s ban on buying sex has provided little hard evidence that the policy of prohibition has worked, writes Laura Agustín, but few politicians have dared to point out its obvious failings.

    Every Swede knows that the famed law against buying sex – sexköpslagen – is a hot potato. Few politicians have commented one way or another on the evaluation of the law announced on 2 July, and only one government official claimed it proves the law is a success. Given that the report has been strongly criticised as empty of evidence and methodology but full of ideology in its very remit, debate has been curiously muted, even for the time of year.

    At another period in history the sex-purchase law might have been considered a minor piece of legislation on a lesser social problem. Few people die, are maimed for life or lose their homes and jobs because of prostitution here; other threats to national security and happiness might seem more pressing.

    But one feminist faction promotes the ideology that prostitutes are always, by definition, victims of violence against women. As victims, they can’t be criminals, so their side of the money-sex exchange is not penalised, whereas those who buy are perpetrators of a serious crime. This ideology, a minority view in other countries, predominates among Swedish State Feminists who claim that the existence of commercial sex is a key impediment to achieving gender equality. Such a dogma is odd, given the very small number of people engaged in selling sex in a welfare state that does not exclude them from its services and benefits. It is not illegal to sell sex in Sweden, just to buy it.”

    Read full article here: http://www.thelocal.se/27962/20100723/

  5. 8 TrollKING August 25, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    Nice blog and nice post, Im going to post this around on my blog and youll be put into my troll roll.

    I fear what’s happened in sweden is just the beginning and I think the USA will end up there soon. This really is insanity at it’s best.

    I really don’t get it, is there not any teenage rebellion against this?

    In the USA, often times kids raised in strict religious houses go the opposite direction in their teens and 20’s. Politics, for ex, goes one of two ways: either your the same as your parents, or the opposite because of your parents.

    Being raised by a feminist mother definately pushed me in the MRA direction. I just don’t understand how men could just shut up and take this, hopefully they’ll be pushed too far and will fight back and rediscover their masculinity.

  6. 9 HENRIK October 20, 2010 at 12:28 am

    You are quite right.Sweden is a big nuthouse and the radical feminists run this nuthouse or large work camp largely by their own.Sometimes however they use male fronts.A man must go nuts here,which is often the case.Everywhere females are backed and the men scapegoated.It is truly horrifying.The only thing you can do as a man is to leave the nuthouse or save your soul by mentally living abroad.

  7. 10 henrik October 20, 2010 at 12:31 am

    The true reason behind the so called sexköpslagen is a craving for more profits on behalf of the prostitutes.Look at Elin she scored big-500 milions!Wow

  8. 11 nonrhotic October 31, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    Swedes happy to be kept men: study

    Swedish men are prepared to take a step back in their careers in favour of their partners, with more than a quarter prepared to be financed by their wives, a new survey has shown.

    The latest Work Life survey of 8,000 Swedes indicates that as many as 62 percent of men are prepared to give up their careers for a couple of years in favour of their partners, while only 39 percent of women could consider doing the same.

    Among those born in the 1940s and 1950s, as many as 70 percent could consider easing off at work to support their partners, the survey commissioned by staffing firm Manpower Sweden showed.

    Full story: http://www.thelocal.se/29928/20101031/

  9. 15 Directory November 19, 2010 at 12:32 am

    Great article.. I’ve got to wonder if this is the future for all Western countries. I’m sure everyone thinks that women should be equal, voting rights, wages etc – but the problem arises when women are more ‘equal’ than men. If you look at consumer oriented media in Britain – most men are portrayed as idiots and women portrayed as heroes/successful in a similar way to Sweden. As soon as you realise this is happening – you see it everywhere! ie. Few TV programs have strong male characters; most have strong female roles.

    • 16 nonrhotic December 11, 2010 at 4:23 pm

      Thanks for the comment. I had the same experience. Once I was aware of the pattern, I saw this portrayal everywhere. Like you, I’m all for equality, but what I see in Sweden isn’t equal. It almost seems retaliatory. Perhaps men have turned the other cheek because they are aware of the past transgressions of male-oriented societies and do not want to be associated with it. Perhaps its a sins-of-the-father guilt trip that makes us blind in a way or at least accepting. If so, that sentiment may wear away in a generation or so and hopefully things will not progress to the Swedish level in other countries.

      • 17 Janet Pickel August 21, 2014 at 11:42 pm

        It won’t progress to that level in the U.S. because some of us girls still like a real man and don’t want them to disappear.

  10. 18 pod January 3, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    Nice article.

    I think there might be deeper reasons for feminisation of men than the feminist movement, though.

    The whole social aspect of the problem might just be a symptom, not the cause. “Aggressive” females are just trying to fill the gap left by passive males.

    The cause might well be environmental (which is a hell of a lot better than genetic :)). There is some evidence that exposure to certain chemicals in the earliest period of pregnancy prevents masculinization of the brains of male foetuses. The effect of these xeno-estrogens might well explain the feminisation of men in very different environments. It is also observed in conservative environments (like muslim countries).

    The social environments are in this regard only adapting to androgynous men. You have pussies first and pussy-town second :).

  11. 20 Igor March 8, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    Thanks for an interesting article. However as a foreigner who has lived in Sweden for quite a few years, I think the opinions expressed in the main body of the article are rather exaggerated.

    This view comes partly from experience. Swedish men can be just as boringly ‘laddish’ as men in e.g. the UK. They like to drink beer in front of the TV, obsess about sport, watch football, play video games for hours on end, etc., etc. just as much as blokes in other countries.

    Then there are statistics: the majority of business leaders and top academics in Sweden are men, like in other coutries. Most violence is committed by men in Sweden, also just as in other countries.

    However it is true that there are some trends that strike the non-Swede as difficult to understand: e.g. that it is illegal to buy sex but not to sell it.

    As for Swedish women’s ‘dissatisfaction’ with Swedish men – isn’t that just like English women’s romanticization of Frenchmen or Italians, or Greeks, etc.?

    In conclusion I would say that Swedish women do have a greater influence in Swedish society than in many other countries, but this has more positive effects than negative.

    • 21 nonrhotic March 10, 2011 at 3:29 am

      Igor, thanks for the comment. Good points all. As you point out, I don’t believe the men or women in Sweden are inherently and different from men or women anywhere else. However, I do believe that there is an agenda in Sweden to “equalize” the geneders in a way that goes beyond assuring access to the C-suite, tenure and board seats.

    • 23 Janet Pickel August 21, 2014 at 11:45 pm

      Sorry Igor. You are deluding yourself. The Swedish woman treats her husband as her least favorite child once she has had enough of him as a sperm donor. Then he is kicked to the corner and treated with contempt.

      • 24 Igor August 27, 2014 at 10:27 pm

        Crikey “Janet” – what have you been through? There’s a grain of truth there – but I can imagine that men in most places in the western world get a secondary roll when the kids come along

  12. 25 Kyle March 9, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    Masculinity is a false construct, this article is terrible, and your brain needs some serious re-wiring.

    • 26 nonrhotic March 10, 2011 at 3:49 am

      Thanks. I have to admit, I spent an hour or two mulling this post over before I wrote it. And for all those 120 minutes of mulling it never occurred to me that the whole idea of masculinity itself could be an illusion. So thanks for that. It will take considerably more mulling to figure out what that actually means were it to be true. As for your other two assertions, I think Nonrhotic posts and brain wiring that would meet your approval may, in themselves, be false constructs. Wow, this is getting Matrix-esque.

  13. 27 Joe July 26, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    Given the birth rates of native Swedes vs. the refugees they’ve allowed into their country with such maternal concern Swedish women will be living under Sharia eventually. I suspect feminist governmental policies will be changed before that.

  14. 28 Sofian August 11, 2013 at 2:09 am

    My swedish girlfriend and I have been looking everywhere why it turns like that, and even if we still don’t know why, we’ve found your article relevant. I’ve been thinking exactly the same since I came to Sweden the first time. Of course she agreed on some points, but not all of them, since she’s swede and a woman 🙂

    Anyway I’d really like to know how come this happend…

  15. 30 Sten February 24, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    All of that only bothers you if youre a wimpy and threatened male.

  16. 33 Janet Pickel August 21, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    It does seem that Swedish society is a man-hating society. I wouldn’t like that as I like there to be equality between the sexes and not discrimination against either sex. In Sweden the men are discriminated against. And by the way, a strong protective man is a turn on for this feminine American girl. Don’t take that away from us. Vive la difference!

  17. 34 Kitty September 13, 2016 at 9:57 am

    I’m a woman, and I’m afraid! Those images are enough to scar children’s psyches, send men running out of the country, and make sane women question the sanity of their own sisters! O…M…G…how…horrifying, and, to use a word that gets used about men too often, how…”creepy”! Seriously, though…how creepy!

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